Care System 1

Care System 1

For wood floor surfaces that are Lacquer or UV Oiled Surfaces, we have the Care System 1, detailing the general maintenance that you can expect with this floor finish.

General Cleaning

  • It is important that you dry mop or vacuum the surface of the wood floor to remove loose grit or food deposits on the floor.
  • If you are using the spray soap version, please spray a small area, at hip level and do not aim directly at the floor, so this can be managed.
  • Use a damp mop head or well wrung-out cleaning pad to clean the surface of the wood floor.
  • If you are using the concentrated soap please do not forget to dilute the solution as detailed on the bottle, with warm water prior to cleaning the wood floor. REMEMBER that the mop should be well wrung out before you clean the surface of the wood floor.

PLEASE ONLY USE THE RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS on the wood floors. We can not guarantee that other cleaning products will not contain wax or oil within the ingredients and this can effect the cleaning process and leave a thin film over the floor, and with regular use this makes it more difficult to clean.

Refreshing the Surface

It is recommended that you use a refresher to offer further protection to you wood floor which contains no wax, this will restore the beauty of the Lacquered or UV Oiled surface, and makes this look like new. It revives tired looking floors without the need to apply a new Lacquer or UV Oil surface. Please always follow the instructions.

Applying Polish to the Surface

For those who wish to revive the wood floor without undergoing the full renovation of sanding and resealing the wood floor surface, if your chosen finish is in relatively good condition you can apply the polish with a polishing machine to further extend the life expectancy of the Lacquer or UV Oil.