Cleaning & Maintenance

All customers receive a copy of the maintenance guide which will have specific details relating to their chosen floor finish and what should and shouldn’t be done.

  1. Care System: Lacquer/UV Oil 
  2. Care System: Natural Oil
  3. Care System: Hard Wax Oiled
  4. Care System: Waxed

General Maintenance

  • Daily/weekly cleaning consists of sweeping with a soft brush or dust attracting flat head mop.
  • Please only use the recommended maintenance products from your retailer/authorised seller.
  • Floors can be periodically cleaned with an almost dry run out cloth, avoiding using excessive moisture.
  • DO NOT WET MOP the floor, and wipe up any spills immediately with a damp cloth.
  • Remove rugs, when away from the property/site to even UV exposure otherwise rugs covering the wood floor will leave outlines on the wood floor. It will take time to even out the overall tone as it matures if covered for long periods. Periodically move furniture around to allow the floor to age evenly.


Seasonal Changes

Wood flooring is a natural material and changes a little in connection with humidity, this is natural and normal. During high humidity periods it picks up more moisture and expands it volume. During low humidity periods it reduces its moisture content and may shrink a little, so that very thin joints may appear. As a guide, gaps no thicker than a five pence piece are accepted as standard and these will return to normal over the course of the year. You can exercise influence on this relationship by suitable heating, ventilation, plants, humidifiers or air conditioner. With this you will get the best possible room climate for your wood floor.