We understand that the success of a wood floor is in how it is installed. Without a competent installer the best floor will not survive the test of time.

To assist our customers in making this a reality we offer a useful guide of how to install a wood floor. Although this doesn’t cover the basic cutting elements, we discuss at length:

  • Site Conditions
  • Temperature, Humidity & Moisture
  • Testing of Screeds
  • Sub-floor preparation for concrete sub-floors
  • Sub-floor preparation for anhydride screeds
  • UFH checking, compatibility, operation of UFH before and after
  • Quick check list
  • General guide to Floating, Nailed & Bonded installations
  • Finishing touches
  • End User Maintenance Routine Instructions

We believe that the guide helps lay a successful foundation to any installation, making the customers requirements a reality, whether they employ their General Building Contractor, Floor Installer, Property Developer or the DIY enthusiast.

For those who do not have a contractor or floor installer, we have our own Professional Installation Service backed with a Full 5 Year Installation Warranty, which is standard from Wood Floor Surbiton.