Latest News

UPDATE 12.01.18

We are delighted to announce that Ted Todd have a Sale on selected Signature Solid’s, and reduced prices on selected lines within the Project and Create Collections.




UPDATE 29.09.17

We will be introducing for 2018 new business hours. Look out for the announcement!


UPDATE 14.09.17


Ted Todd & Woodworks by Ted Todd – announce a new price list for their ever increasing Collections, with new additions to Project, Foundation & Warehouse Collections.


Project Collection

  • Calico Prime
  • Almond Prime
  • Porcelain
  • Bedlow
  • Haldon

Foundation Collection

  • Stoner
  • Amberley

Warehouse Collection

  • Fleece Plank 20/6x220mm
  • Sugar Cane Plank 20/6x220mm
  • Husk Plank 20/6x220mm
  • Raw Cotton Plank 20/6x220mm
  • Rye Plank 20/6x220mm
  • Flax Plank 20/6x220mm

Patterns & Panels Collection

  • Jerdi Coastal
  • Geometric Avery
  • Hexagonal Shawley
  • Hexagonal Chantilly Coastal


Strada Collection Range Reduced to

  • Rastrelli
  • Santi
  • Torelli
  • Lucia
  • Allessi
  • Bernini

Create Collection

  • Silverleaf & Nightfall Plank REDUCED
  • Satchel, Silverleaf & Nightfall Herringbone REDUCED
  • Create Squares ALL REDUCED
  • Chevron Silverleaf REDUCED

Signature Solids Collection

  • Please enquire