Parquet Overview

Wood is a living part of nature. It breathes, makes sounds and has character. We discuss key elements that make wood floors unique, the variety of finishes, grades, that can impact on the style and appearance of the wood floor.

Our Parquet Grading

Select Grade  –  The elegant and calm appearance given by the grain and colour satisfies the most exquisite taste, limited natural colour variation and pin knots and filled pin knots. 

Nature Grade  –  Wood Characteristics such as small knots, small filled knots, and colour variation including limited sapwood, create a balance between vitality and elegance.

Natural Grade  –  This combines the characteristics of the Nature and the Rustic grade together, with medium sized knots, medium filled knots, colour variation and sapwood bringing character and style to this grade.

Rustic Grade  –  An expressive grade with large knots, filled knots, colour variation, some partly filled knots, sapwood, and minor splits give this grade of full body of character.

Country Grade  –  Highly expressive like the Rustic Grade but with larger knots and filled knots, including more open/unfilled knots, cracks, splits within the wood and powerful variations in colour.

Our Parquet Characteristics

Bevel  – Engineered wood flooring planks have a micro ‘V’ bevel edge, this is sometimes on all four sides or just the long sides of the plank, adding depth and presence.

Brushed – The surface of the plank emphasises the natural structure of the wood.

Cross Sawn – Cross sawn marks are added across the plank, offering strength, texture and character to the wood.

Aged & Distressed – By hand or machine the wood is treated by distressing the wood to match the effects of time and wear from generations of use. Offering an antique floor from the past.

Fumed – The wood is exposed within a closed environment to ammonia fumes which reacts with the tannins in the wood changing the natural colour to a more desirable chocolate brown, or with longer exposure making a darker richer black tones. The longer the exposure the deeper the fuming is throughout the timber.

Thermo-Treated – This process consists of drying, heat treatment and finally cooling/conditioning of wood. This reduces and natural moisture content of the wood making this more durable to high levels of moisture. The wood is left with a brown/red shade throughout the timber.

Parquet Surface Finish

Lacquered – Often a satin gloss appearance, which can now come in a matt finish. Low maintenance, and general cleaning required only as and when needed. Recommend refreshing the surface every two/three years.

UV Oiled – Combines the advantages of the lacquer but the appearance of a natural oil.

Natural Oiled – Matt in appearance, with a more natural feel, repairable surface with annual re-oiling required, durable and hardwearing, high traffic areas should be re-oiled every 6 months.

Hard Wax Oiled – The benefits of the lacquered with the repairability of the natural oil surface. Breathable finish resistant to water, dirt , durable and hardwearing.

Waxed – Wonder feel under foot and to touch, water repellent made from natural and synthetic waxes. Dry cleaning only and on a regular basis, but with only a little effort and time required.

Parquet Life Expectancy 

Wood will last a lifetime if maintained and looked after.  We expect to see wood flooring change/develop over time. UV Exposure matures a wood floor, adding depth and warmth to the wood. In Fumed and Thermo-Treated wood this lightens over time. Wear and tear can add character to a wood floor which can be repaired or left over time adding to the depth a wood floor brings to any home or project.

Using a maintenance routine will assist your wood floor keeping it in good condition ageing with style and constantly developing in character. Neglecting this causes unnecessary additional wear and tear to your wood floor reducing its life expectancy and your enjoyment from it.