UFH systems

Under Floor Heating systems work well with engineered wood flooring, and need not cause concern if the correct procedures are followed and carried out by the contractor/floor installer. The customer/end user has a responsibility to maintain the UFH system within the parameters given, in order to enjoy all the benefits this combination will provide.

The surface temperature of the sub-floor UFH system can not exceed 27c. This is the maximum surface temperature allowed for UFH system, and it is recommended that floor temperature probes are used to control this. (Ambient temperature controllers are not the the same as floor probes, and can not control the floor temperature)

Different types of UFH systems: Electric or Water are chosen on there merits for any given construction for a retrofit or new build. Its important to check the UFH system suitability with engineered wood, to ensure you have the correct model with the necessary control features.

Different Installation methods are usually required due to the various UFH systems and constructions, but we recommend where possible the full bonded method. Electric UFH systems may require a floating installation which may be more appropriate but would need to be checked against any manufacturers recommendations.

Technical details relating to the Residual moisture levels, UFH system commissioning, maximum surface temperature restrictions, installation method subject to UFH system are discussed in detail with our Wood Floor Installation Guide, available with all orders of wood flooring.